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Oxygen bottom blowing for Lead Smelting and Control system
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  底吹爐是中國恩菲自主開發專利產品,主要應用于煉銅、煉鉛工藝,被英國《金屬導報》評價為 “技術指明了金屬冶煉行業乃至多個領域未來十年、數十年,乃至上百年的發展方向”。目前世界最大底吹爐(臥式回轉爐)即出自中國恩菲,處理能力達150萬噸精礦/ 年。

  氧氣底吹煉鉛:中國恩菲自主知識產權的先進技術,具有對原料適應性強、有價元素回收率高、能耗低、環保好、作業率高、操作簡單、爐壽長、投資少等突出優點。中國恩菲開發設計了Ф3.8×11.5m、Ф4.1×14m、Ф4.4×16.5m 等多規格的氧氣底吹煉鉛爐,已投產了40 多臺,分布在國內外眾多煉鉛廠。中國恩菲還設計并制造了Ф3.8×17.5m、Ф4.1×17.5m、Ф4.1×18.5m 各種規格的底吹還原爐,保證了底吹連續煉鉛工藝的實現?! ~@國家科技進步二等獎、部級科技進步一等獎、部級優秀設計金獎等多個獎項。底吹煉鉛法被中國九部委聯合發文指定為我國首選煉鉛工藝。已成功應用于印度底吹煉鉛廠,正進一步向墨西哥、澳大利亞等國家推廣。

  規模能力:鉛冶煉適應3 萬噸/5 萬噸/8 萬噸,最大至25 萬噸/ 年粗鉛產能。

Bottom blowing furnace is initially created by China ENFI, and is mainly applied in Copper and Lead smelting process. It is evaluated by famous <Metals Bulletin> of Great Britain as” the technology indicates the development direction for metal metallurgy industry and many other fields in the coming ten years, decades and even hundred years.” The largest bottom blowing furnace (horizontal rotary furnace) in the world up to now is developed in China ENFI with the capacity of concentrate throughput 1.5Mt/a.

Oxygen bottom blowing for Lead Smelting: It is self-owned patent advanced technology developed by China ENFI with outstanding advantages such as flexible adaptability on materials, high recovery of valuable element, less energy consumption, friendly environment protection, good efficiency of working rate, simple operation requirements, long life of the equipment, and economical on investment. China ENFI has developed and designed various sized oxygen bottom blowing Lead smelting furnace of Ф3.8×11.5m、Ф4.1×14m、Ф4.4×16.5m,among which more than 40 furnaces have been into operation already in different lead smelters at home and abroad. Moreover, China ENFI has also designed and manufactured various sized bottom blowing reduction furnace of Ф3.8×17.5m、Ф4.1×17.5m、Ф4.1×18.5m to ensure the bottom blowing consecutive Lead smelting process realized.

It is honored with Second Prize of National Scientific and Technical Progress, First Prize of Ministerial Scientific and Technical Progress, Ministerial Excellent Design Gold Prize and many other Prizes. Bottom blowing Lead smelting method is designated as the first Lead smelting process in China through 9 National Ministries and Committees jointed issuance of document.

It has been successfully applied in the Lead Smelter in India, and on the way further popularizing in Mexico and Australia.

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